Tuesday, August 1, 2023

My Story

             My Health Wellness Journey: I am very passionate about sharing my journey in surviving each day while living with neurological health issues, i.e., PTSD, manic and anxiety.  I have had a wonderful life with wonderful parents and family, a wonderful husband and children.  I have had great support from my loved ones, family and friends.  I have been an upstanding citizen. I will fight for what I feel is right, good and fair.  I will not hesitate to go directly to the source(s) to try and come to a better balance.  While my children were in school, I enjoyed volunteering. I loved supporting them at their sporting events and enjoyed our memorable vacations and occasions together. In between my wonderful times though, I have suffered greatly due to poor care and non-empathetic authoritative professionals. My goal here on my blog is to make people aware of what I held in for years broke me down more. I feel if people are aware of the negative aspects in the professional care system, they can be their own advocate for seeking more balanced wellness for themselves and their family members.

An acquaintance in casual conversation once was telling a story of when he saw a mentally ill person rambling in the street.  In what I felt was in a non-empathetic way, he then stated those are the people that keep his place of work in business.  He had no clue as to what I’ve been through.  I suggest people take me seriously, as ANYONE can end up in this care that could use a total revamp.  You can get in an accident and incur a brain injury that leaves you with mental health issues, injure the brain in football or other sports, you can develop panic/anxiety/depression, you can be exposed to a drug or chemical which leaves you with neurological damage, lose a loved one through death or divorce, or go through horrific trauma, etc.

          I have been misdiagnosed and mistreated. Endured 30 years under the field of psychiatry, from 1988 to 2018. I was given a medical label of bipolar.  What I was told more recently is the general name they put people under when they don’t know exactly what they have.  The doctors told me and my family they didn’t know what I had, what label to put me under. That name made me suffer greatly.  I don’t have manic and depression.  I was never clinically depressed.  Just depressed for real reasons when sad. I did have high energy and manic symptoms, but it was related to what I do have which is Panic/Anxiety/PTSD with bouts of hypervigilance.  It made so much sense and was logical when I started looking into PTSD and what hypervigilance is.  How could the pros not diagnose me with this all these years? I told them a lot of my traumas and they should have known by my actions in that state of mind. I was subscribed incorrect medicines and treatment due to the wrong label.

Hypervigilance is an enhanced state of sensory sensitivity accompanied by an exaggerated intensity of behaviors whose purpose is to detect activity. Hypervigilance may bring about a state of increased anxiety which can cause exhaustion. I get in protect mode and won’t sleep as I need to be the “watcher”.  Make sure no one will hurt me or my loved ones! I am suspicious of everyone’s acts as my senses pick up their anxieties, extremely oversensitive so tone, aggressiveness, crudeness and rudeness, etc. makes me worse, and I cannot trust anyone. Mine is triggered by fear, past trauma and anger.

People who believe in God or fate would say it’s to get me where I am today to share and educate. Hell, the “hell” could have been shorter for me. lol   I can’t bring back those years, but I can now look forward to the ones to come as I continue to live more fully. Fear keeps me in a lot as my home is my safe haven. My neurons are affected by the environment, so it’s seasonal affective. Also, it’s triggers, like hearing or seeing someone that brings up my traumas which causes me to feel fear. I still haven’t been able to step out of certain safe zones of mine due to the fear bringing on too much anxiety which makes me take a step back. I am continuing to work on this daily.

I can say now that learning more coping skills over the years has kept me out of the hospital. A main goal of mine, especially since their techniques and drugs for me personally sent me backwards each time. Researching, understanding and most importantly, accepting my condition, has me in a much better place.

After a hospital stay, I researched online and found Ann Rigby, MSW, LCSW, BCN, and Director of The Neuroconnection in Naperville, IL   www.theneuroconnection.com  She was one of my saviors in the non-traditional medical community. My front right lobe was lacking neurons going through those pathways.  She believed trauma was the main cause, although, concussions can do it too, and I had several.  One concussion I was knocked out unconscious for several minutes after getting hit by a car while riding my bicycle. I hit my front right lobe on the ground upon falling. She does a brain scan called a QEEG and then sets her patients up with the proper neurofeedback treatment. I had one session which involves several treatments and after she did a second QEEG, it had showed some improvement with more neurons going through the pathway where I was lacking them. I was going to take a break before going back for a second round, but I did not return for more treatments. She did say that it can be like a jump start as the brain will continue to heal as I keep doing good things nutritionally and psychologically.

I began taking a supplement called Natural Resveratrol (trans resveratrol). I chose this supplement due to an incident that happened years prior. I was awakened by a horrible nightmare and filled with fear. My husband was comforting me and brought me a bottle of red wine cooler that was left over from a party. I only had half the bottle and it instantly calmed me. In the past, the nightmare would have led me into a manic hypervigilant state that would have lasted for days. If I knew back then about searching out alternative methods, I could have put together that it was the resveratrol in red wine that calmed me. Therefore, after foregoing the neurofeedback treatments, I decided to add Natural Resveratrol to my vitamin regimen. Alcohol/wine would not be a solution, as alcohol causes negative impacts to the mind/body. The extract in wine was a good solution for me to continue to better health.

I have a lot more work to do as I get further away from my hospital stays. Fighting my fears is a fight that has to happen daily. I feel fortunate to have the will to continue to search out a more positive treatment plan, rather than suffer more due to side effects of the meds that were prescribed to me in the past.

Before raising my children, I was an Executive Secretary/Assistant. I’ve always helped, volunteered, did odd volunteer jobs, direct sales, but I haven’t been able to be consistent in years. I’m working every day on my issues to develop stronger coping skills. It’s only been 5 years free of what I felt was improper treatment. Writing this blog will aid in my healing as I continue to share my journey.

I had the pleasure of meeting a chiropractor in Naperville, IL that has since moved or retired. He looked for causes, was a chiropractor and functional neurologist who also offered neurofeedback. He helped my friend with anemia. He wasn’t absorbing the iron pills. MDs said he might have to get shots if he can’t absorb the iron. After months of suffering with having no energy, feeling terrible and depressed, he did a simple fix by telling him to go to Whole Foods and purchase Betaine Hydrochloride to help absorb the iron.  Wow!  Someone with more knowledge than the traditional MD got him up and running again quickly. He would have been on the way to being under the care for depression and put on psych meds and getting shots of iron, which was not the cure for him at all. My goal is sharing for educational purposes.  There's money to be made from sick people.  It's sad to see folks living miserably from bad doctoring. Although, productive healthy people can be magnificent in running the systems of our world. I never will understand why there's no logic there.  Clear minds can develop more and more to make more money for these billionaires to go after to make their zillions. People will always need help from doctors along the way. We need to change the thinking of our leaders, i.e., government and companies, in this country/world. 

I was always told there is no test for my brain problem, and I will be sick the rest of my life, and need their mind-altering medicines that gave me several more problems and terrible side effects.  The meds I would always go off and for good reasons for my personal wellbeing. In helping myself, I found a psychiatrist named Judith Orloff online who helps people like me—oversensitive/empaths.  Her website enlightened me and gave me so much healing inside.  I signed up for her newsletter. She understands why the mind-altering meds I took gave me more problems. She understands why I would stop my meds.  She doesn’t force meds on her patients. Judith Orloff MD, Empath Support, Intuition, Emotions & Energy Healing, www.drjudithorloff.com   

I would argue with my doctor and help all the time as they had no clue how to treat someone like me. Of course, if I shared some of my spiritual experiences, they informed me it was just “my crazy”. They only believe in science—at least while they are sitting in their offices and pushing pills to make big money!  My intuition would be very keen at times, especially in my hyper mode. I had experiences of knowing who was calling or coming down the street before it happened, etc. My senses would be much heightened where my sense of smell would be stronger, and I could touch things on the stove or coming out of the oven with my bare hands. Those moments were when I felt no fear. After all, look at the people who can touch fire or walk on coals, etc.  It’s not so hard to believe in the end. I felt a lot of my docs were just pill pushers and didn’t care to understand or explore these things.  I knew I wasn’t crazy and now I embrace these times and enjoy it because I go through them without feeling such devastation afterward. In actuality, we all should be doing cartwheels and/or backflips and have lots of energy. Our lifestyles have bombarded us with stress and anxiety and wreak havoc on our souls and bodies.

I would get more anger though because I hated their methods. Unfortunately, anger weighed me down more and more each year.  I always kept fighting for what I believed, and it got me to the point to walk away from the abuse in 2018! In mental health if you go into the hospital like the way I show up, i.e., hyper (manic), scared, confused due to lack of sleep, there is need for psychiatrists to help get you calm and to sleep using drugs they have the expertise on.  To monitor you because the drug side effects. I feel that filling me with the drugs during my stay was not a whole health plan. After all the years under the mainstream care, I never heard of neurofeedback until I searched it out after my stay. I feel that a neurologist with this kind of expertise needs to be a part of the mental/behavioral system.

Then I feel that there should be an expert like Dr. Theresa Peter of Health Up Institute,   www.healthupinstitute.com  doing a whole health assessment.  People can get in better health with all these kinds of pros working together.  The basic tests traditionally done now to assess is not as extensive as what Dr. Peter does.  For example, your thyroid can show up fine from a traditional test, but really be the culprit causing you those mental health issues and energy level problems. She cures people of goiters, prevents them, etc. Iodine is a big factor and I certainly never had mine tested by traditional MDs. Our diet lacks it. Dr. Peter is a chiropractor and also a chemist and will blow your mind with her intelligence. I’ve been to iodine talks of hers, read her website and Facebook posts. She turned her career as a Research Scientist into a Holistic Chiropractic Physician and healed herself. Now helping many, many others with medical issues.  You may need less meds, or none by the time all these pros do their wonders on you.

Along my health journey, 23 years ago I found Dr. Eric Miller of Chiro-Med Health & Wellness Center in Orland Park, IL   www.OrlandParkChiropractor.net   Dr. Miller has kept me in check many times providing me with his chiropractic care. They also specialize in injury care, whether you were hurt in an auto accident, fell during a game, or have a herniated disc by lifting something improperly.  They offer several treatments to assist, including acupuncture, physical therapy, spinal decompression, and chiropractic adjustments.

I got sick in 1988.  I was going through much trauma in my life.  I also didn’t know that what I blocked out in my mind that is rapes, attacks, and other emotional traumas that I previously had was affecting my neurological health.  Plus, the fact I had many concussions. I can look back now and realize my anxiety started when I was a young gal. The company I was working for at the time was having problems and heading for a breakup.  Partners were fighting and suing each other, the market was getting tough, and I was going through a relationship break up also.  What I knew as steady to me was going to end.  That job was my “job of a lifetime.” I loved it, I loved the people.  I was treated like gold by the Chairman and the Executives I assisted and was paid very well. I did not sleep for 5 days and went to the hospital.

        Unfortunately, I ended up with a doctor who was a cruel man.  He had very inhumane treatments and treated me very badly.  I only saw him upon my exiting the unit.  He came close to me, touched his fat bellied body onto mine where his body was touching my waist and chest area.  He looked me straight in the eyes as he came very close to my face with his garlic breath and told me that I was a very sick girl, and I would be back!!  Of course, I would!! That stay gave me a nightmare of a lifetime, extreme trauma.  During the stay, after being told I wouldn’t need a shot if the meds put me to sleep, I was woken up by two nurses who flipped on the light as they woke me up.  The one nurse who was a very big, tall nurse was holding a shot.   After questioning "why I am getting a shot because I was sleeping", that nurse told me that if I didn’t roll over and take this shot that they would get men in here to hold me down!!!  Well, heck I took the shot. I was out for at least a day and a half, or two.  Some strong shite for sure that could have harmed me permanently since it was so strong of a dose for me. The most emotional part of that is when I was coming back to consciousness and my Father was standing by my bedside trying to wake me. Telling me to just cooperate so I can get out of there.  My temper and questioning things could have prolonged my stay as he was kind of figuring. The boyfriend I was with at the time spoke up and also had a sister that worked in the hospital in another department. They got me out by the 5th day. Ironically, there were two people (one young woman and one young man) who were clinging to me that stay. Unfortunately, they were both sexually abused and kept going in and out for treatment for years. I cried for and with them. Another incident was that I had a man that sat on a chair outside my door to watch me.  He was good looking and very muscular.  He also did not sit still in that chair.  His moves of spreading his legs open and putting his arms behind his head made me stay up and watch him.  I thought for sure if I fell asleep, he would have his way with me.  Therefore, no sleep again! The bathroom had a leak from the ceiling and a drip landed on my head as I sat on the toilet.  I looked up and thought what kind of insane place am I in!!! The shower also leaked so when I came out of it, the floor and my clothes were all wet.  (There were no hooks or anything else to put your clothes on, the floor was my only option.) My Mother and sister did witness this, and my they were very verbal with the staff.  After all, why would a hospital, one of the prestigious places in the area that is financially well established have leaking like that in a mental ward for more than one or two days, let alone five!!! This is where people who can be experiencing fear and paranoia are!!!  Well, we personally all knew it was that doctor getting lifetime customers.  After all, no one will ever get better with the treatment I received.  I certainly did not.  That man, and that stay, has been my nightmare for 35 years!! My PTSD!!  He passed away a few years later after I was his patient. I hope he's getting therapy in the next place for himself now! I have only been in the hospital a bit more than a handful of times within the 35 years and each stay brought me more traumas and added to my nightmares. I’ve learned that our cells remember even if it’s far from our mind and stress or triggers can bring them up. That’s why is hard to kick especially when you don’t have proper help. It is a lifetime of pain to have to properly learn to deal with.

          I often think of our poor soldiers enduring such tragedies and how so many have told me their vet care is not helping or up to par.

I have been mistreated and abused mentally and physically, as I have been touched inappropriately by these professionals.  One doc told me that I should think about never having kids since I have this illness.  Then in the next breath, he stated I have a very treatable illness.  Now, that’s insane and I should have told him to check himself in.  I just moved on to another doctor.  We would be finished as a race if no one had kids because of sickness!!! When I told my doctors about the abuse in the hospital, nothing changed.  After all, they are not my caretakers there. They are just happy prescribing me drugs while sitting comfortable in their office and only seeing me a limited time in the hospital.  I have been so very angry but caught in their trap. What I call a psychiatry cult. I believe a lot of them are past psychiatric patients with a window of good health, then try to go in the practice only to get sick while attending to the folks they are supposed to be helping.

That is all I knew for treatment.  I am no longer scared to share my experience as I walked away from all psychiatrists in 2018!!  God bless you if you’re a good one. Since then, I have been on a much better path

I met Linda Memmesheimer from Think Wholistic.   www.thinkwholistic.org  right after that brave act of letting go of what I knew as my main care.  Fate, universal spirit energy, God, sure has brought us together.  I share Linda’s vision of bringing health experts together to get well.  One way only does not bring you to optimal health. Surviving on wrong medications of any kind for any illness is not the same as getting properly assessed and given what can bring you to feeling well or cured.  I went to a seminar where Linda and Dr. Theresa Peter of Health Up Institute talked.  Linda was so inspiring on the knowledge she has gained on her own journey to better health after battling breast cancer.  Read Linda's story on her website above. She is an inspiration. Linda shares many wholistic healers on her website to reference. Dr. Peter gave me such hope that we can investigate and see what lies underneath that initial diagnosis I received.  She is well versed on whole health assessment and very knowledgeable as a chemist.  Her information on Iodine was fascinating and made so much sense.  She is saving lives as she looks for causes and doesn’t just drug people up due to their symptoms.

I took the information from these two wonderful ladies and began to incorporate some into my life.  I had a hospital stay in 2016 where I was, again, treated horribly.  This stay, along with my 2018 stay, almost topped my very first traumatic stay.  Here we are years and years later and the treatment is still causing more “madness”!  I entered in emergency because I needed some stronger meds as again, I did not sleep for days.  I was showing my fear as in this state of mind, I cannot control fear.  I know now that fear and anger are the bases of my illness.  I carry those two with me all the time.  High stress and trigger times and experiences will bring these two to a frightening height.  I’m getting better in handling my heights as I continue to learn ways to deal with my anger and fear.  Plus, I have done some major confrontations each year which has released a lot off my mind and soul. Now that I finally accept my neurological disorder, PTSD, I am not suffering as much in the highs.

Regarding my 2016 hospital stay, I understand upon entering the emergency room that the staff never met me, I was never at this hospital before, and so they put me in a room and restrained me.  I was tied down by the hands and feet on the table.  It’s horrible and I understand when someone is not mentally well, they don’t know if I would hurt myself or others, but if they were educated on how to treat someone like me, I would not end up that way---or the restraints would come off shortly after. This makes me worse, more scared, more angry, more frustrated! As my neurons are in dysfunction and due to several sleepless nights, I cannot process my thinking properly.  Fear and anger thoughts take over. As I was tied to the table, my husband was by my side.  Several people were standing around me.  Their privates being pretty much eye level to me.  This frightened me.  In my head I’m certain that they were going to hurt me or rape me.  A nurse proceeded to give me a shot, telling me it was Geodon.  I told her she cannot give that to me because I was allergic.  She proceeded to repeat that she was going to give me the shot.  I reacted then in an angered way telling her I break out in sores from it and she cannot give it to me.  She, again, proceeded to tell me she was going to give me the shot of Geodon.  I lost it, yelled, used profanity, got mean and was demanding her to NOT give me that shot.  Now in my head I was sure they were going to hurt or rape me and voiced it to them.  Thanks to a woman paramedic who said the words “that lady has some bad PTSD”, I researched it and sought out the help I have now.  I screamed out to my husband who was now in the hall with a doctor.  I told him to call my doctor so that she can tell them that I cannot take this med.  They got a hold of her and she, indeed, confirmed that I cannot have that!!!  I asked that nurse to loosen one of my restrains because the metal was really hurting me.  Instead, she tightened it!!  Yes, I thought “bitch!” and I said it to her. I was there seven days.  During that stay, I just had more incidents to anger me on how the neurologically ill are treated!! I was approached by a staff member to come to my room for a shot.  When I asked to be told what they were giving, me, I then had a few more people come into the room and force me to take a shot without even telling me what was going into my body.  These people did not know my history of meds and what affects these drugs have done to me.  I do!!! They would not respect me and listen to me.  I am never treated like an individual in this mad house.  As these 4 or 5 people are trying to force me to get the shot, I was not cooperating.  I stood on the back of the bed and held tight onto the rails.  The one nurse that was trying to unclench my hand got some of my vengeance as I was squeezing her forearm pretty hard.  Then I saw she had some compassion in her eyes and I let go.  When I was by the bed one of the men with a big belly was near me.  His belly was even with my breasts.  I then turned as I put my breasts across his belly and stated, “Fine, go ahead hurt and rape me.”  Then a young man put me on the bed as he got on top of me and they gave me the shot.  If they knew how to treat someone like me, this could be avoided.  I wanted to know what they were giving me.  I am appalled by this kind of treatment.  They can get through to me if I am treated with respect and empathy, even when my neurons are all not firing correctly! This is abuse, which gains repeat, repeat, repeat customers!!

I am like a frightened child when I’m in that state, and then the adult part of me will be protective of myself.  That man with the big belly was also a group meeting leader.  He decided the day before I was going home to play some kind of “trust” game.  He knew I am a rape victim.  He asked for a volunteer then changed his mind and asked me to come up.  Well, I was going home the next day.  Therefore, I’m going to cooperate with any kind of looney toon game he wants to play.  I did not know how terrifying it was going to be, or that it would be an additional nightmare added to my many.  He had me stand while everyone else in the room, about 20 people, touched me.  They all put a finger on me.  They were instructed to not touch any private areas. I was terrified, shaking inside.  I got through it.  Other patients were shocked and also appalled by this and everyone started walking out of his meeting.  He also was cruel to a couple people verbally mentioning some things that he knew personally about them that he shouldn’t have said in group.  I was scared that if I walked out, they would make me stay another day.  After all, if you don’t do what they want, it gets charted and will be against you!  How about asking us how we feel!?! Although, with everyone walking out, I did too.

I did get to go home the next day but got another shock before I left.  The nurse practitioner who was the one drugging me up all week was in my room doing my “exit interview”.  She proceeded to tell me that I’m doing well, and she is going ahead with her plan of releasing me.  She was sitting on my bed at the time, and I was standing a few feet away from her.  She then got up and approached me close.  She then proceeded to put her breasts across mine and then sat back down.  What the hell is this!??!!  My thoughts are she heard about what happen during the shot ordeal, but I was the patient here.  She is a professional and should never ever do something like this.  She was sick. When my husband picked me up, I was shaking the whole time because I couldn’t wait to get out of the horrible place.  I was a wreck the whole way home, shaking, crying, and telling my husband and family what happen to me.  I was so hurt and angry.  More heaviness to put on my already fragile brain.  The drugs they had me on were really bad.  The one had me feeling extremely angry (more than my usual after a horrible hospital stay) and the withdrawal was horrific.  I was pulling my hair and banging my head on the wall.  All at the same time telling myself to hang on because I knew it was the meds.  I’m fortunate to only have part of my brain not working correcting.  I’m fortunate that my logic and sense was not affected.

I was in a support group when I was very young that scared the crap out of me.  People there were cutters of themselves.  One person said he killed his girlfriend’s cat with his bare hands around the neck.  That added to my fear, but since then I have learned and got the education as a patient why people can do this.  I get confused and scared, but always have a part of my brain that knows reality. People who don’t have that are the ones that will hurt and kill.  They are not right and probably thinking they are protecting themselves from all enemies---And We Are All Their Enemies, no one is immune, not even children at schools!!  People need better help so they don’t kill themselves or others.

Being on the drugs is also very dangerous and given out without doing all these other tests first.  Drugs should be the last resort all the time!!!! They have long time side effects that can harm major organs in our bodies. I want our children saved from this horror.  I know some young people close to me that have tried to commit suicide, or they did after starting the drugs. My mission walk has become even more crucial to me. Hurt me, I’ll keep fighting.  Hurt ones I love; I’ll fight even more!!

They used to give me Haldol and I would get a swollen tongue and go in to convulsing seizures where I would flail all over the bed.  It was so devastating to have my mind and body so out of control. I believe they would shoot me with a dose of Cogentin after that to counteract it.  Risperdal gave me agitating energy where I couldn’t stay still, and I wanted to jump off my roof.  On another med I wanted to run through a corn field and never come back hoping to die.  These meds are being given out like candy to our children when there is a lot more alternative methods offered to help determine exactly what is going on.

Also, the sick people in the system doing harmful things to patients needs to be addressed. The cruel people just out to make money needs to be addressed. It is my mission to share how important it is as patients to be educated when seeking treatment and that there is other means to obtain a healthy brain. 

Facing some of my fears has been difficult, but helps with healing. I’ve done things like going to the hospital from 2016 stay to get my medical records to know what meds they were giving me.  I also faced a manager and patient advocate to tell them what happened.  At the time, they asked me why it took me two years to come forward.  Most of you can probably figure that out even without having any education on mental illness---pretty common sense to me!!  I was scared and sick to face the confrontation.  Every hospital stay I had to go get abused from the "so-called" healers that are supposed to be helping me with my abuse/PTSD!!! I’m getting the proper help now, so I am able to.  I needed to do it in order to continue healing. I was told I could have filed a police report if it was shortly after.  I am one to confront the source, but this source could hurt me more if I returned for care. 

          In 2018, the last year I was hospitalized, I had a doctor that gave me a higher dose of medication after I told her I could not take the particular med. She was very cold and I felt that was a vindictive act. I had horrific side effects. I got upset and was crying and pleading for help at the nurse’s station. Instead of someone coming to me to try and calm me down and help, they all just looked at me. I actually punched my chin because I was so upset and the drug was making me that agitated. Their help was bringing a bunch of people to surround me, mostly men with chains hanging out of their pockets, drag me to my room and shoot me up with another drug. After I woke, I remembered to drink tons of water to flush a lot of it out of me since this doctor keeps giving me higher doses of meds I cannot take. I did feel some relief after doing so. I feel their treatments are very inhumane. I certainly didn’t deserve such harshness when I’m there due to being broken. I met a person who was getting released after only a couple of days after attempting suicide. I was already in there too long and had got some good sleep, but they weren’t releasing me. He felt the reasons was that because I had insurance and he did not. After what I have been through, I think he may have a good point.

As time went on and getting beat up in the mind year after year from these methods, I was breaking down more often.  Especially when several young teens close to me got in the system.  I’m a sensitive soul and each beating made me more sensitive.  

Hopefully in the future this practice can have pros I’ve talked about working together, and others things like:

*Treat me as an individual. We all have different problems and should not be given all the same treatment like a bunch of cattle.

*Respect me, the patient.  Just don’t pump me with drugs you feel I need or want. Tell me what you will be putting in my body beforehand. Work with folks that don’t want the mind-altering medications.

*Listen to me.  Especially when I say I cannot take certain meds.

*Let me sleep alone!!! No mental health person should be sharing a room.  I go in to sleep.  I won’t sleep with a stranger. We need to feel safe and have a safe place to sleep ALONE!

*Let me call my loved ones when I’m scared or want to speak to them-- like a patient on a non-mental behavioral health floor does! I have a physical problem affecting my brain.  Treat me as good as a person that goes in for a heart attack. I feel most physical sickness is due to stress and anxiety.  Therefore, most of humans have mental illness but it didn’t affect their brain to an extreme.  I want to be treated with kindness all the time--as it should be.

*Let me decide if I’m ready to face a group of people in a meeting! Then I won’t have to release my fury on you.  During a visit in 2005 I was told by a nurse that if I’m not ready to go into group, I do not have to.  After a shift change, a new nurse told me I must go in group.  I told her I cannot and what the other nurse said.  She continued to tell me to proceed to the room.  I wanted to call my husband because she was upsetting me.  I could not.  I wanted to call the doctor. I could not. This led to me yelling, using profanity and saying to her that maybe she should join me since she was very overweight and obviously had some issues of the mind going on.  She said “Linda, you need to go in the quiet room.”  Well, I responded by telling her that is exactly where I need to be!!!  I got put in a room with just a big bench.  As I was lying on the bench, I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.  Thinking when is this going to change!!!

*Give more options for one-on-one treatment.  Those group sessions take up most of the treatment time. Include stress relieving treatments such as a chiropractic or naprapath adjustment, massage and physical therapy, nutrition, etc.

So, in conclusion, I’m excited to begin my journey of sharing. I’m finally at the point to let go of all that’s been festering inside me even though this big move scares me.  “Shite” more fear to work on! Lol 

          Sharing my success, spreading the word to help folks who don’t know about options that are out there, educate our politicians so they can get all medical help, i.e., traditional and wholistic working together and covered by insurance companies, and keep “Marching On To Better Wellness!”

          It’s a big dream hoping mainstream and holistic healers can work together, but if my dream never comes true, at least I can share the alternative help.

With True Sincerity, Linda March


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  Hello, my name is Linda March.  I am a wellness and safety advocate.  I am married and have children. My husband and I have a successful a...